Your Trusted Resource for
Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Disability Law
in the Greater Baltimore, MD Area
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Your Trusted Resource for
Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Disability Law in the Greater Baltimore, MD Area
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Your Trusted Resource for Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Disability Law in the Greater Baltimore, MD Area
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Who We Are

Limsky Law Group, LLC is an elder law and asset protection firm of experienced and compassionate advocates dedicated to assisting you in planning for whatever the future may bring.

Our Experience

Limsky Law Group, LLC is a niche, subject-matter focused firm that assists clients with a variety of estate planning, elder law, and disability law concerns. We utilize active involvement in legislative efforts and professional organizations to develop firsthand knowledge of potential changes before they take effect.

Why Us

Limsky Law Group, LLC has a winning combination of knowledge, honesty, commitment, and caring that helps us to meet the needs of our clients. We differentiate ourselves from most law firms with our particular focus on solutions for aging individuals and individuals with disabilities. Whether you are considering your own planning needs or you are facing a loved one’s need for assistance and planning, we are here to provide the compassionate guidance you need.

How We Help

From initial contact to the final implementation of your plan, we strive to empower you to make educated decisions with a feeling of comfort. We go above and beyond to listen to each of our clients to understand their specific situations and how best to provide their solution, not just a solution.

About Us

Our Core Values


The laws that impact our clients are constantly changing, and proper advocacy requires our team to understand all potential laws and future changes. We are invested in continuing our knowledge through our involvement in organizations, boards, and councils throughout our industry.


We don’t know everything, and we built our firm on a culture of acknowledging when we need to research for answers to clients’ questions, and working with our clients to find outside assistance when appropriate. It’s our top priority to find you the right assistance for your situation. We do not accept, nor offer, referral fees. Referrals we make are based on our understanding of the knowledge and reputation of the individual / entity, as well as client experience and compatibility.


The matters our clients face involve many complex facets of life. Seemingly insignificant details can have significant impacts. We would not be doing our job if we did not take the time to understand the big picture before we analyze what options may be right for you.


We are truly blessed to have lasting relationships with many of our clients beyond the conclusion of our representation. Unfortunately, several of those relationships have concluded due to the death of the client, or otherwise changed due to the client’s cognitive impairment, such as the effects of dementia. The occurrence of those sensitive events is when having a plan becomes most critical. The decisions we help clients to make relate to death, disability, and taxes – none of which are “fun” topics. We have provided assistance to clients and their families through death and disability, and we do not take our responsibility lightly. We take the time necessary to empower you to make informed and thoughtful decisions.

Practice Areas

We are an elder law and asset protection firm of experienced and compassionate advocates here to assist you with a broad range of services related to planning for health care needs, long-term care and estate management.


including the above and:

  • “Age-in-Place” At-Home Care Planning
  • Healthcare Cost & Long-term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Planning and Qualification
  • Nursing Home Family Asset Protection
  • Special Needs & Disability Planning (Including ABLE Accounts)
  • Capacity & Competency Planning
  • Guardianships


After an individual’s death, the individual named as the Personal Representative of the Estate (or sometimes, the Trustee of a Trust) will have any number of obligations with regard to winding up the affairs of the deceased person. There are many aspects of administration which may need to be addressed by that fiduciary.

  • Locating and valuing assets
  • Determining creditors of the estate or trust and evaluating their claims
  • Determining tax filing obligations of the individual, estate, and/or trust
  • Probate Court and Register of Wills filings
  • Coordinating the distribution of assets
  • Locating and valuing assets
  • Determining creditors of the estate or trust and evaluating their claims
  • Determining tax filing obligations of the individual, estate, and/or trust
  • Probate Court and Register of Wills filings
  • Coordinating the distribution of assets

Estate Planning & Administration

Estate planning and administration services are sought for a broad range of reasons. What are some of the most common reasons why we work with clients to legally formalize their intentions?

  • Estate Tax and Gift Tax Planning
  • Probate Fee and Delay Avoidance
  • Tax Mitigation for Multi-Generational Planning (GSST)
  • Blended Family Planning
  • Retirement Account Tax Planning
  • Charitable Giving Planning
  • “Productive Member of Society” Protection Planning
  • Vacation Home Ownership by Multiple Families
  • Creditor Protection
  • Business Succession
  • Elder Law & Disability Rights (“ELDR”) – including the above and:
    • Revocable/Irrevocable Trusts
    • Special Needs Trusts
    • Residence Trusts / Vacation Residence Trusts
    • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
    • Creditor Protection Trusts
    • Tax-Savings Trusts
    • Discretionary Trusts
    • Dynasty Trusts
Common Documents:
  • Wills
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Advance Medical Directives / Healthcare
  • Power of Attorney


"Patient ... honest, knowledgeable and skillful..."

“I chose Mathew Limsky after researching various estate lawyers in the area. He was the ONLY one who did not try to upsell me on products/documents that I do need. His price was reasonable and he’s easy to talk to and to work with. He explained every aspect of creating a Will, Advance Directive & Power of Attorney. He was patient with all of my questions in our consultation and on the day I signed all documents. I will work with him in the future and I recommend him for anyone who wants an honest, knowledgeable and skillful lawyer.”


"Clearly cared… honest and genuine…"

“I sought Matthew’s advice for protecting my mother’s assets after a stroke and he was upfront that they were not a fit for her guardianship situation, but he clearly cared that we get the right help for our needs. He spent a great deal of time going over her options, helping me to evaluate the lawyer I eventually went with, and provided advice on nursing home comparison, even after it was clear he was not going to be retained for services. He was honest and genuine, and I would go back to him in a heartbeat and will certainly recommend him for anyone in the area who needs estate planning.”


"Conscientious and patient …"

“Mathew was hired to assist with my Estate, my Will and Power of Attorney. He was so pleasant and courteous from the beginning. I was so impressed by his covering all the scenarios that my children could be confronted with when I pass. He took the time to completely answer all my questions and explain so thoroughly all the issues that might arise, I am now very relieved and content in knowing my children will be able to handle everything that may come up. Mathew is so very conscientious and patient. I recommend him whole heartedly.”


"Sound advice..."

“Mat Limsky worked with me through a confusing and complex set of elder law and estate planning circumstances. He quickly grasped the many details and potential pitfalls. Mat provided sound advice and also helped me think through the ramifications of pursuing different approaches. I felt that he truly cared about my situation and was invested in helping.”


"Recommend him highly..."

“Mathew Limsky prepared several legal documents pertaining to my Estate. He was personable, patient, expedient and efficient in preparing these vital documents in a timely manner. Mathew was further, thorough in explaining these documents to me and answered my questions on the phone, email and in person. I trust and have faith in Mathew and recommend him highly. I will continue to use his legal Estate services.”


"By far an expert in his field..."

“Mr. Limsky has been one of the most resourceful professionals my family and I have worked with in dealing with my grandfather’s dementia. From helping us find a proper care facility for my grandfather; to simply making phone calls/emails to check in and make sure we are ‘on top’ of things… Mr. Limsky is by far an expert in his field. He has educated us so that we can be sure to provided the BEST level of care for him. Mathew Limsky and his team of professionals should be everyone’s first contact when they have questions on the care of loved ones!”


"Beyond what I expected..."

“Mathew was put in a tight spot concerning my step dad and medicaid issues. He handled everything professionally but with courtesy and compassion. He came to the nursing home with all the paperwork for my step dad. Mathew went beyond what I expected. His knowledge, advice and commitment made things much easier. I would definitely turn to him again with any issues in the future and highly recommend him.”


"Above and beyond your expectations..."

“Mr. Limsky is quite knowledgeable in the Elder Law, Estate and Disability space. I would recommend his firm to anyone needing help for a spouse, parent, loved-one or friend. It’s nice to know someone is looking out for your Legal and Personal Well-being. They go above and beyond your expectations!”


"Thorough, smart and resilient..."

“Mathew is a fellow lawyer and colleague of mine. He is thorough, smart and resilient. I highly recommend him. He is awesome.”


"I’m really glad we found him..."

“From the first day that my adult disabled child and I met Mathew Limsky, I was very impressed with his knowledge, integrity, sincerity, and strong ethical commitment. He relates very well to our disabled adult child, and he goes out of his way to make sure he has answered all of our questions. He is also very creative and comes up with great ideas that make a lot of sense. He is very straight-forward and he knows a ton about the trust laws. He was able to help me with a difficult situation and gave me great advice. Knowing that he is actively involved with the Trust for our disabled child, I have peace of mind. No worries! I’m really glad we found him!”


"Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and committed..."

“Mathew Limsky, from day one, was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and committed. As a matter of fact, his professionalism was exceptional. He assisted me with my mom’s estate and helped ease my anxieties by taking on additional responsibilities. He was always on time and always responsive to my calls. I never had to wonder whether or not he would return my calls or respond to my text messages. Mathew went above and beyond what I expected. I would recommend him without any hesitation”


"Extremely courteous and thorough..."

“Mr. Limsky was hired to oversee my estate and to ensure my final wishes are met when the time comes. He was extremely courteous and thorough. He made sure all basis were covered and that I understood everything perfectly. I would hire Mathew again if needed and I highly recommend him to others.”


"Kind, considerate and patient..."

“I was referred to Mat Limsky to get help in filing for Medicaid for my Mom who went to a LTC facility after my father died. He was kind, considerate and patient. He always got back to me promptly when I called or emailed. Thank you Mat for all you did!”


"I would definitely recommend him..."

“Mathew helped me with getting through a tough time of applying for Medicaid for my father. He was very kind, patient and compassionate in all the steps that were needed. I would definitely recommend him with this kind of help.”


"I appreciated his time and attention..."

“I was referred to Mr. Limsky by my attorney to help answer questions regarding a will belonging to my mother. He was prompt in returning my call, and consulted with another attorney because my issue was not the norm. I appreciated his time and attention.”


"Professional, courteous, and helpful..."

“Mathew was professional, courteous, and helpful with suggestions on an updated will and a trust for my kids after my mom passed. I will not hesitate to call on him if needed.”


"Going the extra mile..."

“Mat is the best possible lawyer – smart and kind, always looking out for the best interest of his clients and going the extra mile.”


"He’s great to work with..."

“I’ve worked with Mathew for several years on complicated fiduciary matters. I have found him professional, responsive and detail oriented. He’s great to work with.”


"A hard-working and talented attorney..."

“Mathew is a hard-working and talented attorney and I would not hesitate to recommend him to someone who needs Elder Law representation.”


"I wouldn't hesitate to send him clients..."

“Mat and I are colleagues in the Maryland State Bar Association and have taught each other much and learned from each other much about the topics of estate planning and elder care law. He works in a great firm with plenty of more senior attorneys, which gives him a broad base of support in his practice. I wouldn’t hesitate to send him clients and, in fact, have recommended him to clients I have not had the resources of time to help myself.”


"I endorse this lawyer..."

“I endorse this lawyer. Mat is a great attorney that works hard for his clients.”


"Friendly and flexible..."

“Mr. Limsky professionally prepared six legal documents for my wife and me. He was always very friendly and flexible, giving us good advice. We highly recommend his services.”


"Invaluable in the planning of my mother’s estate..."

“Mr. Limsky was invaluable in the planning of my mother’s estate, as she transitioned to a nursing home. His knowledge and attention to detail saved us tremendously.”


"A joy to work with..."

“Mathew is a joy to work with. Very knowledgeable and a great people person. We feel great about our experience and we are confident that our interests have been well accounted for in our estate planning.”


Our Team

Mathew Limsky, Esq.

Principal Attorney

(443) 741-2120


Elder Law and Estate Planning (Special Needs and Long-Term Care focused).


Business/finance; tax; estate planning


Legislative and other policy efforts; planning in light of global retirement and care opportunities for the “average Joe”.


Estate Planning and Estate Administration


Estate planning (with a focus on tax mitigation and planning for blended families); Estate and Trust administration.


Maximizing effectiveness of estate planning in light of sometimes competing financial, tax and family concerns.

What to Expect During Our Process

Every matter is unique, but the timelines provided below can give you a guide to our process.

Initial Consult

This meeting is free of charge, and typically lasts around 30 minutes. The goal of our initial consultation is to discuss your situation generally, so we may determine if we are best suited to assist you, or if a referral should be made.

First In-depth Meeting

Following an initial consultation, we will ask that you complete a questionnaire in anticipation of our first in-depth, client-specific meeting to begin formulating a course of action. Generally, these meetings last 1-1.5 hours, and we charge a $400.00 meeting fee for the first two hours, followed by our regular hourly rates beginning immediately thereafter.

Matter-Specific Timelines

We often deal with multiple matters at the same time for some of our clients, and the phases below are merely illustrative. Phases often run simultaneously or overlap. We can assist in a variety of factors, including advising on an as-needed basis or fully managing the administration process from start to finish.



(3-4 weeks)

Initial Meeting

  • Phase 1: Discovery and Planning
  • Phase 2: Draft, Review, Revise and Sign
  • Phase 3: Implementation

(3-4 weeks)

Initial Meeting

  • Phase 1: Discovery and Planning
  • Phase 2: Draft, Review, Revise and Sign
  • Phase 3: Implementation

(9-18 months)


(6-10 months)

Initial Meeting

  • Phase 1: Discovery
  • Phase 2: Strategy
  • Phase 3: Implementation
  • Phase 4: Application Consideration Period
  • Phase 5: Post-Determination Planning

Contact Us

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